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Double bachelor's degree: in Preschool + in Primary Education    

With the purpose of promoting career opportunities for those who are interested in the field of education, the Faculty of Education, Psychology and Social Work (FEPTS) has designed a Double Degree in Childhood Education and Primary Education (DDCEPEi) which allows students to achieve both degrees in five years, taking a total of 352 ECTS credits.

Also, Double Degree students will be able to choose from a range of minor programmes offered in the Primary Degree:

    * Minor in Musical Education
    * Minor in Physical Education
    * Minor in Special Educational Needs and Diversity Education
    * Minor in English

Students will have to take 18 ECTS credits in addition to the other 352 in order to obtain a minor programme. That is, students who want to achieve the Double Degree (Primary Education + Childhood Education) and the minor will take a total of 370 ECTS credits.

The Double Degree in Childhood Education and Primary Education must grant its degree holders the general teaching competences to help children’s development, tutor their learning process and promote the achievement of the goals established by our educational system for both Childhood and Primary Education.

With a total of 352 ECTS credits, the structure of the subjects in this Degree is built upon the main areas of the official curriculum jointly with subjects related to the Educational Psychology area, work placement and a small percentage of elective courses.

The DDCEPE with an academic minor (370 ECTS credits) also provides specific teaching competences in one of these areas: Physical Education, Musical Education, Foreign Languages or Special Educational Needs.

The placement work carries a significant weight in this degree (55 ECTS credits) and begins in second year. Students taking the DDCEPE start placement work in kindergarten schools (6 ECTS credits in second year and 14 ECTS credits in third year) and then continue to do it in primary schools (15 ECTS credits in third year and 20 ECTS credits in fourth year).